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We manufacture and distribute industrial valves for over 50 years with the internationally renowned brand: Term Cailhoux . We turn to an expert user customers, who need the assurance of reliability and full traceability of their materials , sometimes subjected to extreme conditions. Their ten-year loyalty proves our intention to maintain a constant level of quality in our production. Our main strength is our ability to adapt and listening. We adapt to the requirements of each to bring a specific response to a specific need. Constantly mindful of our customer’s needs , we study and continually developing our products range, rich of some 1,500 references.

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Some of our products in work

Separation Skid - Sand Trap Strainer
Cameroon installation of our brand's products (MVP)
Online choke valve installation
Overview of an online choke valves installation
A butterfly valve Term Cailhoux in service in Fessenheim's hydroelectric plant
Separation Skid - Sand Trap Strainer

Masson Valve Processing

Masson Valve Processing , better known under the name MVP is a brand created and registered in 1982 by Mr. Guy Lupezza , founder of Aimco Term company, expert in industrial valves . Since then , the brand has earned an international reputation and has become synonymous with quality, safety , reliability and competitiveness.

Certifié ISO 9001

ISO 9001 since 2012 , Aimco Term reviewing its organization to meet a series of requirements for the management , development , design , production, after-sales service and installation .

ATEX (ATmosphère EXplosibles)

The so-called ATEX regulations require companies to control risks related to the explosion of these atmospheres as well as all other occupational hazards. For this, an evaluation of the risk of explosion in the company is therefore necessary to help identify all the places where can form explosive atmospheres.

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