In 1957 , while the industrial sector is booming , M.Guy Lupezza founded and chairs the Term group, which was a precursor of industrial valves in France.

25 years later, in 1972, Term merged with Cailhoux-Boudot company to become Term Cailhoux . It was then that the brand of the same name is created.

The new entity is developing rapidly and manufactures a complete range of industrial valves products (valves , safety valves , nozzles … ), very sophisticated. These products are mainly used by

la devanture de l'entreprise aimco term anciennement term

oil companies or nuclear, chemical and petrochemical sites in France initially , then abroad.

It was in 1986 that Term Cailhoux changes name to become Aimco Term, still led by M.Lupezza 30 years later .

The new entity is created to perpetuate its unique knowledge of Term Cailhoux’s brand products.

Now, we continue to manufacture and distribute our products, always more technical and innovative to maintain our reputation and optimize our international expansion.

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An activity which became quickly internationnal