These devices are recommended for isolating services “all or nothing”. The transported fluids may be vapor , hydrocarbons or chemicals.

Advantages : cause losses to minimum load and with high reliability .

For all the equipments , there are several alternatives : simple change of material ( stainless steel , alloy, inconel … ) to the adaptation based on a specification of a pneumatic or electric motor Next , switches, remote controls …

Wedge gate valve for petroleum

Description :

Gate valve
Joint plat entre corps et chapeau
Chapeau boulonné à arcade
Obturateur à coin oblique monobloc
Siège rapporté vissé
Tige montante à vis extérieure
Volant tournant fixé
Presse-étoupe boulonné regarnissable en marche

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Wedge gate valve for cryogenic service

Description :

Gate valve
Lengthened stem
Integral seat

Check hitched stellited for setting
Flat gasket between body and bonnet
Bolted bonnet
Rising stem
Screwed gland

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Wedge gate valve - through conduit

Description :

Wedge gate valve
Paralleles slides according to standard API 6D
Through wedge
Bolted bonnet


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Wedge gate valves on this page are a non- exhaustive list of our products and our expertise. For a particular installation , to know the extent of our range or for more information , please contact us : We are available to meet you .

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